Wazeer International, is a leading name in manufacturing and export of all sorts of Sports Wear and MMA \ Boxing products, was founded in 2018 in Pakistan. We are a reputable manufacturing company specializing in MMA and Boxing equipment. Over the years, we have expanded our product range and achieved excellence not only in Sports products, Boxing and MMA gear but also in Fitness and May Thai gear. Our top-quality, long-lasting products are trusted and used by both professionals and beginners in combat sports or casual wear.

With a vision for growth, we are preparing to enter the Sports industry, aiming to surpass our competitors and establish ourselves as an incomparable and unbeatable force in the market. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction drives us to continually enhance our products and services.



At Wazeer International, we specialize in producing durable and high-quality gear for Sports, Street, Boxing, Fitness, MMA, and May Thai. Our comprehensive range includes clothing, protective gear, training pads, gloves, and various accessories like caps, bags, socks etc. Every sport wear items, gear and equipment we manufacture is meticulously designed and crafted to ensure optimal performance. We never compromise on the quality and reliability of our products.



Wazeer International has a global presence with distributors spread across major parts of the world. Our extensive network of distributors allows us to reach Sport\Street items, fitness enthusiasts and combat sports enthusiasts worldwide. We have established strong partnerships with health, fitness, and boxing clubs, delivering high-quality products to meet the needs of enthusiasts and professionals alike. We are proud to have affiliations with renowned clubs in the USA and UK.